Northern Lights Forecast

The “aurora borealis”, also known as northern lights occurs in the northern latitudes. It is caused when charged particles emitted by the sun (solar wind) get trapped in earth's magnetic field and crash into the upper atmosphere generating glowing plasma. The reason why it occurs in the northern latitudes is the trapped ions follow the magnetic field lines, and the highest concentration of these lines cross the atmospheric boundary at the poles.

Increases in solar wind, usually caused by solar flares, can make this phenomenon visible at lower latitudes. Sometimes as far south as Oregon, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky and Virginia. They are always a fun thing to look at on a clear night. Photographs with high quality camera equipment can be spectacular.

Southern Lights Forecast

The “aurora australis”, also known as the southern lights is caused by the same phenomenon as the northern lights just on the south pole. During high periods of solar wind they can be seen in the southern parts of Australia, New Zealand and Argentina.